A Stunning Bathroom Transformation

Small bathrooms get a bad rep for being difficult to remodel for obvious reasons. What if we told you that our website does the hardest part instantly? For FREE! Do we have your attention now? Take a look at our process and try it out. It allows you to pick materials and coordinate designs in a 3D format. Looking for a spa retreat on a budget? Ibby can do it!

Maybe you’re undecided about making the investment. Well, we have the top reasons you should remodel listed below:

1.       Safety

A safe space should come first on every list. If you have experienced any type of accident and your bathroom is at fault, you may need an upgrade. Mold and Mildew are common in old bathrooms with poor ventilation systems, but it can cause long-term health issues. Also, broken floor tiles are a hazard and potential catastrophe waiting to happen.

2.       Resale Value

Bathrooms and kitchens are the first thing buyers evaluate when shopping for a new home. If you are looking to sell in the next few years but your baths need TLC, a no fuss remodel is a great solution. On average, inexpensive to moderate bathroom renovations in the metro DC area create a 74% return on investment (ROI in buzz speak), just above the national average of 70%.

3.       Plumbing

You may need to get under the surface and find out if your pipes are doing their job. Corroded pipes and poor water pressure are issues that oftentimes come with a need for some type of demolition. Bringing your bathroom up to code is extremely important and Ibby can help you do it right.

4.       Outdated Style and Fixtures

And last but not least…If your bathroom is old, outdated and simply doesn’t make you happy anymore, it’s time to remodel. Be sure to consider costs and plan each step accordingly. Here are a few shots of our latest transformation. We hope we made your decision process easier. Get started today!


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