ibby’s 5 favorite bathroom design trends

Back in November of 2014 (that seems so long ago!), Houzz listed the top bathroom design trends for 2015. It’s now March and we have put together a list of ibby’s favorite bathroom design trends that feature the top materials and floor plans. Take a look and let us know if you have a favorite. Remember, ibby is design inspiration built by you!

Copper fixtures

Using colored metallic is a creative way to add warmth to your bathroom while sticking to your esthetic. Nickel and stainless steel can look harsh against natural or earth tones. Copper adds to so many design elements so this was a no brainer for us.

Natural light

Every other room in the house gets the benefit of natural light. It’s the bathroom’s turn! Just to be clear, there is a right way to accomplish this dream without sacrificing your privacy. Installing tall interior windows with frosted glass or using reflective tiles will amplify the natural light in this space.

Textured Tile

Texture is an important design element that is often overlooked in bathrooms. That is why ibby loves the visual interest created by tactile textures. These tiles give a 3-dimensional presence to any surface. The best thing about textured tile is that it adds movement to a station space. ibby has a few material options that fit in this category.

LED Lighting

ibby loves any bathroom that is environmental friendly. LED technology helps reduce carbon emissions, consumes less electrical energy, and produces sharper light. Did we mention that it is gorgeous? The latest trend in this type of lighting is to outline the bathroom vanity or mirror with it. Take a look and see for yourself.

Heated flooring

Last but definitely not least is the coveted heated floor. This is not a new design feature, but it has recently become a more affordable option. Who doesn’t want to step out of the tub onto toasty tile? Winter will need a new name after you install this trend in your bathroom. Want to add these new designs to your dream bathroom? Get started today with our tool!


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